Hire me. And pay me well.

Imagine someone using this OnePage theme to try and sell his services to the public.

Our proposed compromise removes the so-called “backstop” in the previous Withdrawal Agreement. I have explained the difficulties with this elsewhere, including the fact that it has been rejected three times by the UK Parliament.

The Government intends that the future relationship should be based on a Free Trade Agreement in which the UK takes control of its own regulatory affairs and trade policy. In these circumstances the proposed “backstop” is a bridge to nowhere, and a new way forward must be found.

He or she will want to write a brief introduction, perhaps highlighting that while he lives in Oxford, England, he is willing travel — first class — as long as the customer is willing to pay his expenses.

Yes, that was a long sentence. I’ll be brief now: Hire me.

I’m not just an editor. I am the editor.

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